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(October 1, 1994 - December 31, 1999)
SIC Age Description
1521 58-f using paint roller attached to a pole extension applying water sealer to newly laid wooden floor; walked into unguarded basement entrance floor opening (8')
1522 51-f constructing work platform in an elevator shaft to install a header. Had installed all of the work platform except for the plywood sheeting. Setting the plywood sheeting into place when a 2x6 broke, dumping him 33' to the bottom of the elevator shaft.
1522 37-f
employees performing roofing work from a shop fabricated wooden scaffold platform that was placed on the forks of a Lull lift when the platform failed, resulting in a fall of ~25 '
1531 46-f performing carpentry work on a roof, fell ~15'
1541 42-f installing steel sheeting on roof (14'); jumped to next building roof and fell to cement walkway
1541 34-f feed mill construction site; removed plywood covering hole and fell through opening (22')
1541 58-f installing roof deck (23'); stapling insulation together in preparation for installing next roof panel; lost balance & fell
1541 20-f fall from roof of grain elevator, ~100'
1541 36-f performing leading edge work on new warehouse roof, opening new bundle of insulation, stepped off finished edge of roof, fell 33-35' to ground level
1542 55-f on roof (45') placing trim on chimney; fell and hit metal rail on 1st floor and landed on the ground
1542 43-f removing sections of personnel hoist tower; fell through small opening in guardrail (150')
1542 30-f
employees removing windows using a scaffold work platform attached to the forks of a Lull lift; lift turned over and employees fell 15-20'
1542 55-f fall from 12' step ladder
1542 19-f performing landing work on roof next to parapet 14" high, backed away from load as it was being lowered, fell 54' to ground
1611 34-f
employees performing steel erection; bolting diaphragm to beam; victim on beam tied off to static line; proceeded from beam to Genie lift; didn't reattach lifeline to basket; basket began uncontrolled descent throwing victim out of basket (30') to his death; hospitalized victim had been tied to lift
1622 53-f climbing up from platform to expansion joint assembly on bridge; fell 31' to rocks below
1721 46-f performing lift in aerial basket with 336 pounds of pipe attached to basket; boom collapsed; employee not tied off; fell 80'
1721 30-f sandblasting structural steel under bridge deck while working on a suspended work platrofrm; fell 45' into river
1721 36-f painting a 300' radio tower using fall restraint system consisting of a chair connected at both sides of his body belt and a center hook as fall protection. Hooked to a cross member of the tower (which wasn't fully bolted to the tower). Victim leaned back causing the cross member to come off towerand victim slid off the member, falling to the group (240')
1721 51-f repainting inside of water tank, entered tank through manhole to attach boom ladder, stepped from "overflow box" and fell ~40' to floor of tank
1741 56-f extending jacks of scaffold; scaffold not tied off/no guardrails/fell 48'
1741 18-h
catastrophe - 13 employees working from 25' scaffold; scaffold collapsed while employees were raising it to next level; scaffold collapsed due to scaffold not being tied off, and overloaded with employees and 200 cinder blocks
1742 46-f on 2nd floor of school under construction; victim stumbled into fall protection system and fell 13' to concrete
1742 49-f removing cover from floor opening so cart could be moved through, stepped into opening and fell to basement (20')
1742 53-f working from 6' mobile scaffold removing metal soffit which fell and caused scaffold to topple
1742 47-f fall from scissor lift (12')
1761 45-f performing steel erection work on a low slope roof (25'); laying metal decking over insulation; victim at SE corner of the steel standing on a platform with no guardrails when incident occurred
1761 21-f working on roof of apartment being remodeled; fell 34' to ground
1761 20-f working on metal roof; stepped on piece of cut sheet and fell through the roof 38'; wearing full body harness but not tied off
1761 34-f installing skylights on roof (22'); fell through skylight
1761 47-f installing shingles on roof (23'); slipped and fell
1761 21-f fell 27' from roof while unloading equipment (wearing PPE but not tied off)
1761 38-f exiting roof (24') using forklift basket as means of exiting; while standing on guardrail of basket lost balance and fell through unfinished roof
1761 39-f fell 27' from roof through skylight
1761 22-f not using PPE; fell 20' from roof of house
1761 19-f dismantling scaffold and fell 15'; were removing one level of scaffolding in order to move it through hangar doors
1761 26-f job was to remove old roofing from grain elevator (gallery, headhouse and other roof areas of the elevator); no fall PPE provided; victim working on gallery roof and apparently pulled up on a piece of roofing material and lost his balance, falling 120' to the ground
1761 38-f fell 38' from roof
1761 15-f removing shingles from roof, fell ~16' to ground while attempting to stop falling shingles
1761 19-f employee performing roof work, sent down to get hammer, fell ~2' from porch
1761 19-f performing roofing work, utilizing forklift boom to access roof, slipped or lost balance and fell ~15'
1761 28-f employee using extension ladder to caulk area of a house in preparation for painting the house, fell ~25' from roof
1791 34-h
catastrophe - welding on a shell from mobile scaffold (52'); gust of wind caused shell to collapse; throwing victims to ground
1791 40-f performing metal decking work on one-story gymnasium; fell 30' from steel joist
1791 39-f welding on a steel column, slipped and fell ~15' while descending ladder
1791 22-f fell through open area on roof while installing decking
1791 47-f attempting to weld bridging on bar joists of building under construction, fell ~32'
1791 38-f tightening nuts on bolts holding tower structure, fell ~40' from tower
1793 61-f working on 11th floor from 2-point suspended scaffold; left side of platform fell; one employee wearing body harness hooked to lifeline with lanyard was restrained from falling; another employee wearing same equipment apparently did not have the lanyard hooked to his lifeline and fell (110')
1795 45-f cutting roof top from 58' high grain bin; not using PPE; didn't cut all of the struts, causing the cutting to fall at an unexpected angle
1795 57-f conducting demolition work around elevator hoistway; tied off to rail support bracket using full body harness and double lanyard with shock absorber; elevator car counterweight free fell down rails and struck employee or his fall arrest system; he was dragged five stories down (50')
1799 57-h 38-h
catastrophe - erecting structural steel cellular telephone tower; secured to section of preassembled tower; men and section lifted by crane; gust of wind caused section to spin; crane lost stability; ironworkers road load to the ground (80')
1799 23-f
installing microwave antenna dish on a communication tower using a winch as a lifting device; wire rope snagged on the tower structure or bracing causing employee to fall (75')
1799 28-f fell from tailgate of pickup truck
f = fatality
h = hospitalized
sic = employer's Standard Industrial Classification Code

Source: OSHA Integrated Management System (IMIS)