Fireworks Safety

Retail Fireworks Sales
1. Keep exits clear and accessible.
2. Know all exit routes.
3. Maintain view of fireworks.
4. Know alarm procedures.
5. Know fire extinguisher location and operation.
6. Remove and dispose of damaged fireworks.
7. Remove loose pyrotechnic powder promptly.
8. Use only non-sparking tools; do not use vacuum cleaners.
9. Do not allow smoking within
50 feet of sales area.
10.Keep facilities secure.

Fireworks Safety

Display Operators
1. Make sure personnel are trained and competent.
2. Obtain required licenses, permits and inspections.
3. Maintain display site security and communications.
4. Wear protective gear and proper clothing.
5. Prohibit accidental ignition sources.
6. Properly install mortar boxes, racks and drums.
7. Keep fireworks cartons closed.
8. Keep fireworks dry and in good condition.
9. Always handle fireworks carefully.
10. Stay away from loaded mortars.

For more complete information:
U.S. Department of Labor     (800)321-OSHA

OSHA appreciates the assistance of Alliance Program Participant American Pyrotechnics Association in preparation of this material.

OSHA 3248-04N-05