Fireworks Safety
Retail Fireworks Sales

Fireworks 1. Keep exits clear and accessible.

2. Know all exit routes.

3. Maintain view of fireworks.

4. Know alarm procedures.

5. Know fire extinguisher location and operation.

6. Remove and dispose of damaged fireworks.

7. Remove loose pyrotechnic powder promptly.

8. Use only non-sparking tools; no vacuum cleaners.

9. Do not allow smoking within 50 feet.

10. Keep facilities secure.
OSHA is dedicated to promoting the safety and health of America's workers by setting and enforcing standards, providing training, conducting outreach and building partnerships. OSHA and the American Pyrotechnics Association have created an alliance to help promote safety in the design and use of all types of fireworks. For more information, talk to your employer, or visit or
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