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From the Editor
“Safety and Health Add Value. To Your Business. To Your Workplace. To Your Life.” Simply and succinctly, these few words encapsulate what we in OSHA stand for. Our cover story discusses the many ways that safety and health programs—and a genuine commitment to workplace safety and health—add value to workers, employers, businesses, families, and society as a whole. This issue of JSHQ is full of news and feature articles about the added value of workplace safety and health. Read about the new national emphasis program on nursing homes and personal care facilities. Catch up on the innovative ways the Tarrytown and Manhattan Area Offices are reaching out to Hispanic workers about the value of workplace safety and health, and how a compliance assistance specialist in Atlanta doubles as a radio talk show host to share that message with the local Hispanic community. Learn about the diverse activities of OSHA’s industrial hygienists, and how their work is helping employers and workers improve their working environments. And don’t miss the feature about a creative partnership in Vermont that is bringing the “add value” message to small business owners and getting them excited about strengthening their safety and health efforts. There’s much more in this issue, including a historical feature about Frances Perkins, a pioneer who advocated the value of workplace safety and health long before most others. Her words ring true more today than ever, and her work stands as a lasting inspiration and the foundation that we continue to build on. Read on, and enjoy the issue!
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Donna Miles
Managing Editor