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  From the Editor
Working with employers and employees across the country, OSHA is helping to make an impact on workplace safety and health. Fewer workers die on the job or go home ill or injured than before the agency was created. But the bad news is that 16 workers still die and more than 14,000 experience a work-related injury or illness every day. OSHA's job is far from complete.

Our article, "Charting the Course to Workplace Safety and Health," discusses how the agency will confront this ongoing challenge over the next five years. OSHA's new strategic management plan for 2003 to 2008 builds on the successes of the 1997 to 2002 plan and addresses some of the emerging trends in America's workplaces. Don't miss this important article about OSHA's strategy for moving ahead to protect America's workers.

Also be sure to read about the newly released ergonomics guidelines for nursing homes, and success stories about how ergonomics programs are working at facilities in Sutton, W. Va., and throughout Washington State.

This issue of Job Safety and Health Quarterly includes features about two businesses—the Dow Chemical Company's Louisiana Operations Site and NexTech—and how they have demonstrated that safety and health add value to companies large and small. Also read about exciting outreach projects under way at OSHA's regional and area offices. There's much more, so start flipping the pages to learn about what's new at OSHA!

Wishing you a safe and healthful day,

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Donna Miles
Managing Editor