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Bush Requests $437 Million
WTC Worker Honored in Iowa
E-News Memo A Big Success
National Safety Month Coming
Toll-Free Line Opens
Program Promotes Fall Prevention
ASSE Conference Slated for June
NIOSH Sets SCBA Policy
VPPPA Names New Director
HIB Offers Cadmium Warning
NIOSH Releases New Video
New and Recently Reapproved VPP Members
New Partnerships

Bush Requests $437 Million
The $437 million budget requested by President Bush for OSHA in Fiscal Year 2003 includes a $2.75 million increase in compliance assistance, outreach, and training activities. Under the President's proposal, OSHA will receive $60.3 million for expanded outreach activities and compliance assistance, which includes training, information exchanges, and technical assistance to employers.

This also includes a $250,000 increase for new computer-based outreach products such as the agency's "eTools," $500,000 to increase technology-based training, and $500,000 to improve compliance assistance training for OSHA's frontline staff.

The budget earmarks $161.1 million for enforcement and maintains funding for state programs at $89.8 million. It requests a $1.5 million increase for state consultation programs and includes $14.2 million for the development, review, and evaluation of safety and health standards. Back to the top of the document

WTC Worker Honored in Iowa
Photo: Peggy Peterson - WTCPeggy Peterson never imagined what kind of visibility her work at the World Trade Center site-and her interview with JSHQ about the experience-would bring her in her home state of Iowa. The senior industrial hygienist for the Iowa Division of Labor worked at the site from late November to early December teaching workers how to wear their respiratory protection properly. After returning to Iowa, she emailed the transcript of her interview with JSHQ, featured in an article in the Winter issue, to her boss, Commissioner of Labor Byron Orton. He, in turn, emailed the transcript to Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack.

Photo: Peggy Peterson, Governor Tom VilsackWhat Peterson didn't expect was to be publicly saluted as a hero during the governor's January 15 "Condition of the State" speech in Des Moines. Vilsack told the audience about Peterson's contributions at the World Trade Center and read several of her quotes from the JSHQ interview. Then, he invited Peterson to stand so she could be recognized, along with "thousands of other Iowa heroes, now and in the past, who have sacrificed and continue to sacrifice so much to protect the blessings of liberty."

"It was really overwhelming!" Peterson says of the experience. "I never expected all this reaction for just doing my job. I believe in job safety and health and the role OSHA plays, and I believe all inspectors feel the same way. This is the best job in the world!" Back to the top of the document
E-News Memo A Big Success
OSHA's new QuickTakes electronic communication tool is proving to be a huge success. Just 1 month after OSHA's Office of Public Affairs launched the e-news memo, more than 9,000 readers had subscribed to receive it regularly by email. By the time its second issue was ready for release, the service had gone from monthly to biweekly.

QuickTakes contains a snapshot of OSHA's activities that support safety and health in the workplace, including news and announcements, background information, and other information of interest to stakeholders. The summaries often link to OSHA's website as well as other sites related to safety and health that provide additional information on specific items.

"QuickTakes delivers short and concise information on the agency's activities to safety and health stakeholders," says OSHA Administrator John L. Henshaw. "The email, which comes directly to your electronic mailbox if you subscribe, covers just the highlights of important OSHA issues. Readers can then get additional information on a subject they would like."

Readers can receive the news memo by clicking on the QuickTakes icon on OSHA's homepage at and following the subscription instructions. Readers who choose not to receive QuickTakes automatically may view it on OSHA's website. Back to the top of the document

National Safety Month Coming Graphic: National Safety Month graphic
June is National Safety Month, sponsored by the National Safety Council. This year's observance features four themes. The first week, June 2 to 8, focuses on driver safety. Week two, June 9 to 15, is dedicated to home, community, and environmental safety. The third week, June 16 to 22, is committed to emergency and disaster preparedness. The final week, June 23 to 29, focuses on workplace safety. For more information about NSC activities, visit the council's website at Back to the top of the document

Toll-Free Line Opens
OSHA recently began offering a staffed national toll-free line for employer and employee inquiries. The national office is funding the project, part of a Department of Laborwide Call Center established by Secretary of Labor Elaine L. Chao, to reduce the number of routine calls to OSHA field offices. The goal is to reduce time field offices spend on these calls so staffs can concentrate on assisting callers with complaints and technical questions. Callers to the national toll-free line at (800) 321-OSHA who select the option for complaints or information will reach a live operator Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. in each time zone. Spanishspeaking operators also are available to callers during these hours. Back to the top of the document

Photo: WorkersProgram Promotes Fall Prevention
A new special emphasis program aims to prevent falls at the workplace, particularly at construction sites, in the Southeast. OSHA's Atlanta Regional Office is conducting educational and outreach sessions and has dedicated nine compliance assistance specialists to help employers and employees recognize and prevent fall hazards. In addition, compliance officers specially trained to identify fall hazards and perform on-the-spot inspections are conducting enforcement operations at worksites.

OSHA statistics show that falls caused 33 percent of all fatal workplace accidents during 2001 in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and Mississippi. Of these, 70 percent occurred at construction sites. "Many of these lives could have been saved," says Cindy Coe, OSHA's Atlanta Regional Administrator, "if a means of fall protection had been provided for these workers." Back to the top of the document

ASSE Conference Slated for June
This year's annual American Society of Safety Engineers Professional Development Conference and Exposition, "Safety 2002," is slated for June 9 to 12 in Nashville, TN. OSHA Assistant Secretary John L. Henshaw will join John Walsh, host of America's Most Wanted, as headline speakers. The conference offers safety, health, and environmental professionals the opportunity to learn about challenges facing the profession, improve their professional skills and knowledge, and contribute to the field's professional discourse. The conference also offers a valuable source of continuing education and certification maintenance credit for safety, health, and environmental professionals. For more information, visit or call (847) 699-2929.Back to the top of the document

NIOSH Sets SCBA Policy Photo: Firefighters
The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) recently began a new program to approve self-contained breathing apparatuses, or SCBA, for use by firefighters and other first responders after terrorist attacks. An SCBA is a type of respirator that provides air to users from a pressurized supply cylinder or tank carried on the back.

Approvals will be based on positive results from rigorous tests on sample units submitted to NIOSH by manufacturers, and from stringent evaluation of manufacturers' qualitycontrol practices, technical specifications, and other documentation. These positive results will demonstrate that the device provides the required level of protection against chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear agents. For more information, visit the NIOSH website at Back to the top of the document

VPPPA Names New Director
Paul M. Villane is the new executive director of the Voluntary Protection Programs Participants' Association. Villane has been involved with OSHA's VPP programs since 1989 and has been in leadership positions with the VPPPA since 1991, serving 8 years on the National Board of Directors. He recently retired as Corporate Safety Professional with St. Louis-based Solutia after 37 years of service with the company. Billane succeeds Lee Anne Jillings, VPPPA's executive director for more than 7 years. Back to the top of the document

HIB Offers Cadmium Warning
A new OSHA Hazard Information Bulletin warns of potential cadmium dust exposure for employers and employees who repair or refurbish gas meters. The bulletin warns that cleaning the threaded male gas inlet and outlet fitting on gas meters, called "ferrules" or "spuds," with high-speed rotating wire brushes may release cadmium dust. It recommends that employers at gas meter repair shops determine whether meters being worked on are plated with cadmium, and if so, that they determine if workers are exposed. Back to the top of the document

Graphic: NIOSH VideoNIOSH Releases New Video
A new NIOSH video takes viewers through the steps to develop a respiratory protection program, with emphasis on tuberculosis in healthcare facilities. NIOSH video #215, TB Respiratory Protection: Administrator's Review, covers risk assessment, standard operating procedures, respirator use, and training. Principles discussed in the video are applicable to other settings that require respiratory protection programs. The video is available by contacting the NIOSH video library at or by calling (800) 35-NIOSH. Back to the top of the document