For half a century, OSHA staff have been protecting the safety and health of workers in America. While workplaces are much safer today, we will continue working to ensure that every worker has the protections they need and deserve. Learn more below about who we are, what we do, and how you can join our team to make a difference in workers' lives.


Darwin, Assistant Director, Area Office


Assistant Director, Area Office

Danielle, Manager, Consultation Program


Manager, Consultation Program

Eric, Compliance Safety and Health Officer


Compliance Safety and Health Officer

Stacey, Program Assistant


Program Assistant


I am OSHA: Young - Director, Emergency Management and Preparedness. "Our team helps OSHA fulfill its mission during emergency response and recovery operations for natural and man-made disasters and emerging infectious diseases. OSHA means representation and honor. I am an Asian American who grew up in a hard-working family with deep-rooted immigrant (Korean American) working values and culture. Through my work over the years at OSHA, I've realized that I am a voice for the Asian American and Pacific Islander worker and business community. AAPIs deserve healthy and safe working environments, just as all workers do, and I will continue to serve to strengthen those protections." OSHA osha.gov/careers


I am OSHA: Mary - Whistleblower Investigator. "As an investigator, I visited a site to interview an employer and their employees regarding a case. I did not know, but this site was a participant of one of the agency's safety and health recognition programs. Every worker I spoke with said they loved working there because it was so safe and they helped contribute. After being at other worksites where there have been fatalities and accidents, seeing the worst of the worst, I cried with happiness that everyone worked together to provide a safe workplace. I realized at that point employers CAN make a difference." OSHA osha.gov/careers

Michael, Office Director


Office Director

Janelle, Assistant Director, Area Office


Assistant Director, Area Office

Anthony, Deputy Director, Whistleblower Program


Deputy Director, Whistleblower Program


I am OSHA: Bridget - Information Specialist. "I am OSHA - every day, all day! Safety has been a fundamental part of my life as the daughter, sister, niece, cousin, aunt, and mother to family of ironworkers. Through the teachings of my father, I learned at a very young age that safety is not a choice but a way of thinking. For the past 12 years, it's been natural for me to extend my knowledge beyond my workday to my family, friends, and neighbors." OSHA osha.gov/careers


I am OSHA: Juan - OSHA Instructor. "I am the voice of caution for our nation's workforce. I did an accident investigation where a worker on a temporary visa died of heat stress in our Illinois cornfields. In the most literal sense, he worked himself to death, tending to our crops. He and the company that hired him lacked appropriate training. Experiences like these have renewed my passion for what I do and reemphasized why health and safety on the job are so important." OSHA osha.gov/careers